Our attractions

Hotel pool

Each guest may use many attractions at the facility free of charge. We should mention here the sauna and the Jacuzzi, the fitness room, the pool table, the soccer table and table tennis. Some of the attractions for children include the playroom, the playground in the Hotel garden (also with barbecuing and campfire spaces). For those who like sports, a professional tennis court is prepared which may turn into a volleyball or basketball pitch.

We recommend:

  • Hotel pool, tennis court, volleyball pitch, basketball pitch, bikes, sauna, Jacuzzi, pool table, table tennis.
  • Organization of special events (parties, formal dinners, banquets).
  • Barbecue with boar roasting and a bar at the Hotel garden.
  • Discos with a DJ or a music band for organized groups (karaoke).
  • A ship cruise to Frombork (visiting the Copernicus town) - summer season.
  • A ship cruise on the Vistula Bay - summer season.
  • A trip to Malbork - visiting the Teutonic castle (a "0" class monument, entered into the UNESCO list).
  • A trip to the Tri-City (Oliwa, Gdansk Cathedral, organ concert, Cistercian Abbot's gardens, Ocean Aquarium, port cruise, pier walk in Sopot, Old Town - Royal Route, St. Mary's Basilica, St. Brygida Church).
  • Visiting the Lighthouse in Krynica Morska.
  • Visiting the Cormorant Reserve.
  • Visiting the Stutthof Museum.

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